Nestled among the bluffs of the Mississippi River, Quincy, Illinois is a community of around forty thousand people, 125 miles upstream from St Louis, Missouri. Settled heavily by German immigrants because of its likeness to the Rhine River valley, Quincy has a strong German brewing heritage. Established in 1840, Quincy at one time boasted over twenty breweries and one of the largest breweries in the nation called Dick Brothers Brewery.

Because of this history, and still strong German influences, as well as a fondness for beer, the Quincy Braumeisters HomeBrew Club was formed in 1995. Only a small club of about forty members, the Braumeisters are a devout group of homebrewers, very zealous in their quest for brewing and drinking fine beers and wines.

Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at the locations provided on the Calendar Of Events page of this website and the forth Thursday at O'Griff's Irish Pub in Quincy. Click on the Membership Info button below to find out more about joining the club!